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Analysis_Wellbeing 2021

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Well-Being in Vanuatu

Official statistics published on the state of well-being in Vanuatu offers tools for gauging progress that are aligned more closely to the expressed needs reflected in the People’s Plan. The Government of Vanuatu began collecting data on individual and community well-being in 2010 as part of its initiative to develop and integrate alternative indicators of well-being that reflect Melanesian values. The objective was to supplement standard economic and social indicators with information that provides context for a better picture of the welfare of the population. Several indicators from the pilot study have since been adopted as key monitoring and evaluation indicators for the People’s Plan.

The NSDP Baseline Survey produced a comprehensive data set expected to report on 38 key NSDP monitoring and evaluation indicators and 23 UN Sustainable Development Goal target indicators, making it the largest and most informative household survey we have undertaken as a nation. The data will be joined with 2020 National Population and Housing Census data using small area estimation in order to provide valuable estimates of key indicators at the Area Council level. Initial reporting only grazes the top of this informative data set that offers insights into the current state of Vanuatu’s well-being from a wide range of perspectives.

This report, compiled by the VNSO, tells the unique story of well-being in Vanuatu through profiles of happiness, access, knowledge, physical health, and social resilience. The story seeks to incorporate the alternative indicators of well-being in with standard metrics for a more comprehensive record of our strengths and our weaknesses in 2019-2020. It is up to us as a government and as a nation to find ways to improve the situation for those in need and create an environment conducive to happiness for everyone in our islands.