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Merchandise trade provisional figures for May 2019 recorded a deficit balance of VT 1,853 million. The total value of imports VT 2,391 million exceeded that of exports VT 537 million, showing an improvement by 29% or VT 745 million compared to May 2018.

Fig 1

In May 2019, for the main export commodities; kava constituted the largest share in value at VT 265 million or 49%, followed by copra at 15%, cocoa at 9%, coconut oil at 5%, sawn timber at 2%, coconut meal at 1% and other products at 18%. Other products consisted of artifacts, bean tree seeds and household and personal effects.

Coconut product exports in total value amounted to VT 115 million in May 2019 compared to VT 45 million over May 2018, showing a huge increase of VT 71 million. The largest share is attributed by copra at 71%, coconut oil at 22% and coconut meal at 7%.

Fig 5

Kava exports decreased by 13% or VT 41 million from VT 306 million in May 2018 to VT 265 million in May 2019. However, there were no beef exports recorded in May 2019. Most of the kava was mainly exported to United States of America, Kiribati and Fiji.

Fig 4

In terms of share of commodity groups to total imports receipts, machines and transport equipment represented the largest value (C.I.F) of VT 744 million or 31% of the total imports for home consumption in May 2019, followed by food and live animals at 23%, basic manufactured products at 17%, miscellaneous manufactured goods at 11%, chemical products at 8%, beverages and tobacco at 4%, goods not classified elsewhere and crude materials at 2% each, mineral fuels at 1% and oils fats and waxes below 1%.

Fig 6

Compared to May 2018, crude materials except fuel increased at 65% or VT 22 million in May 2019. However, the rest of the commodity groups decreased: Mineral fuels at (69%) or VT 54 million vatu in May 2019, followed by oils, fats and waxes and goods not elsewhere classified at (57%) each, food and live animals at (32%), basic manufactured products at (31%), chemical products at (22%), miscellaneous manufactured goods at (19%), beverages and tobacco at (18%) and machines and transport at (9%).



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