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APRIL 2018:  Merchandise  Trade  News 

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Merchandise trade provisional figures for April 2018 recorded a deficit balance of VT 3,212 million, a deterioration of VT 699 million or 28% compared to April 2017. This trade deficit balance was due to the value of total imports at VT 3,767 million, exceeded that of total exports at VT 555 million.

Domestic export earnings (excluding re-exports) for April 2018 stood at VT 390 million, a decline of (27%) or VT 148 million over April 2017.


In April 2018, for the main export commodities; kava constituted the largest share in value at VT 172 million or 44%, followed by copra at 29%, coconut oil at 17%, sawn timber and coconut meat at 2% each, live fish ,cocoa, coffee and alcoholic drinks at less than 1% each and other products at 5%.Other products comprised mainly of fuel wood in logs,personal and household effects and waste and scrap of tinned iron.


According to coconut product exports in value, It recorded increases for coconut oil at VT 67 million or 17%, followed by coconut meal at VT 7 million or 6% compared to April 2017.


Compared to April 2017, kava exports in value increased by VT 146 million from VT 26 million to VT 172 million in
April 2018. Meanwhile, beef exports decreased by VT 16 million in April 2018. Most of the kava was mainly exported to Fiji , New Caledonia and the United States of America.


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