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AUGUST 2018:  Merchandise  Trade  News 

Merchandise trade provisional figures for August 2018 recorded a deficit balance of VT 3,198 million, a deterioration of VT 165 million or 5% compared to August 2017. Total imports stood at VT 3,717 that exceeded the value of total exports at VT 518 million. 

Domestic export earnings (excluding re-exports) for August 2018 stood at VT 373 million, a decrease of 51% or VT 384 million compared to August 2017. This decrease driven mainly by the fall in copra at 94%, followed by coconut oil at 59% and Coconut Meal at 47% in August 2018 over the same period in 2017. 

In August 2018, for the main export commodities; kava contributed the largest share in value at VT 208 million or 56%, followed by coconut oil at 13%, cocoa 7%, copra at 5%, beef and coffee at 2% each, coconut meal at 1% and other products at 14%. Other products comprised mainly of noni juice, tamanu oil, citrus fruits and personal effects.

In Value terms, all coconut products exports declined in August 2018, copra at 94%, coconut oil at 59% and coconut meal at 47% compared to the same period of 2017.

Compared to August 2017, kava exports in value increased by 73% or VT 208 million from VT 120 million in August 2018. Meanwhile, beef exports decreased by 13% in August 2018. Most of the kava was exported to New Caledonia, United States of America, Kiribatti and Fiji. Most of the beef was exported to Japan.


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