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The Consumer Price Index (CPI) of September 2018 indicated an increase of (+0.6 %). Port Vila slightly increased by (+0.6%) and Luganville increase by (+0.1%) compared to the previous quarter. The expenditure groups that contributed to the increase in the CPI were: Food (+1.1%), Clothing and Footwear (+0.5%), Transportation at (+0.4%), Household Supplies (+0.3%), Communication (+0.2%) and Recreation (+0.1%). Health and education respectively remain constant. However, the group that contributed to the decrease in price movement was Miscellaneous (-0.3%), Drinks and Tobacco and Housing Utility (-0.1%) each. The main contributor in prices was due to the increase in price movements of purchasing of Root crops, Fruits and Vegetables , Woman and children's clothing and footwear in both regions and Furniture and furnishings, in Port Vila.



When compared to the September quarter of 2017, the Vanuatu index increased by (+1.7%), Port Vila index increased by (+2.2%) while Luganville index slightly decreased by (-1.0%). At national level, the expenditure groups that contributed to the increase over the same quarter of last year were: Household Supplies (+4.6%), Recreation (+4.1%), Food (+3.3%), Drinks and Tobacco (+2.8%), Clothing and Footwear (+2.0%), Health (+1.9%), Transport(+1.7%), Miscellaneous (+1.2%), The increases in these expenditure groups were the result of increases in price movements of Housing Furniture's, Motels, Root crops, Fruits and Vegetables, Wines and Spirits , Woman and men's business shoes. Communication remain constant and the other groups that shows negative impact were Education (- 11.1%).

Underlying  Inflation 

'Underlying inflation' is a measure derived from the CPI excluding items which typically have unstable or volatile prices; because of things like seasonal variation or policy decisions. In September quarter of 2018, underlying inflation increased by (+0.2 %) over the previous quarter, and increased by (+1.1%) over the same quarter of 2017.



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