Vanuatu National Statistics Office

About the Vanuatu National Statistics Office



The vision of our organisation is a country where the population and the government have access to quality statistics, so they are able to make informed decisions for a just, educated, healthy and wealthy Vanuatu. The vision is:

Leading evidence based decision making for all. Connecting statistics with the people of Vanuatu.

The VNSO will further strengthen its production of official statistics, extend its influence, and continue to raise its visibility and reputation as one of the leading national statistics offices in the Pacific 2020.


Our mission is to provide quality and timely information through the collection, compilation and analysis of information throughout Vanuatu. VNSO will set standards across the national statistical system to inform policy at the province, national and regional levels through statistics. The VNSO is committed to providing high quality, reliable and timely statistical data and information to assist the government and the community to make better informed decisions. The VNSO has to respond to the needs of its users by providing statistics to meet emerging needs, particularly for social trends and the state of the physical environment. To perform well the VNSO has to build and maintain good relationships with key providers of information and the users of that information.


The VNSOs values reflect the guiding principles and behaviours of the office:

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