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CoverThe availability and accessibility of good quality statistical information is an integral part of the policy design and evaluation process; the development of research agendas; and the decision making processes of governments, organisations and communities. As policy and research agendas change, so too does the demand for statistical information.

Vanuatu National Strategy for the Development of Statistics, has been developed by the stakeholders in the Vanuatu National Statistical System. It is based on a shared understanding of the key policy issue imperatives and agreement on the areas of priority for statistical data development. It outlines data development actions aimed at improving the statistical information base relevant to these priority areas. This project has been guided by the Paris21 funded technical assistance team working with sectoral task forces for economic, social and demographic and primary sector, environment and climate change statistics.


The report does provide the information on:



    1. Current state of the Vanautu Statistical System (VSS)
    2. Strategies for the VSS
    3. Statistical production strategies
    4. Financing
    5. Sustainability