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International Arrival Statistics (IAS) - JULY 2018



Fig 1

The international visitor arrivals by air stood at 13,184 or 53% of total international visitors to Vanuatu. This is an increase of 9% over the corresponding month in 2017 and 25% over the previous month. The increase in visitor arrivals was attributed by the increase in visitor arrivals for holiday.

Cruise ship or day visitors stood at 11,662 or 47% of all international visitors to Vanuatu. This is an increase of 6% over the corresponding month in 2017 attributed by the high number of passengers per cruise ship visit in July 2018. Day visitors also increased by 20% over the previous month.


  Summary of Indicators

• Sanma province received the highest number of visitors at 39%; followed by Tafea province at 37%.
• Visitors who travelled to outer islands spent an average of 8 days.


Table 1

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