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International Visitors Arrival - July 2019




The total international visitor1 by air accounted for 54% of all international visitor arrivals to Vanuatu. Visitors by air declined by 4% over corresponding month in 2018 but increased by 19% over previous month. The increase was attributed by the increase in visitor arrivals to Vanuatu for holiday purposes.

Cruise ship or day visitors decreased by 8% compared to July 2018 but increased by 42% over the previous month.This was attributed by the fall in number of passengers per cruise ship visit in July 2019 despite the same number of cruise ship visits compared to July 2018.

Average Length of stay


Holiday visitors made up 81% of all international visitor arrivals to Vanuatu; followed by visiting friends and relatives and business, meetings or conferences at 7% each, visitors on others, education or sports at 5% while visitors on stop over at less than 1%.


Australian visitors accounted for 52% of all international visitors by air followed by New Zealand at 19%, New Caledonia at 8%, Europe at 7%, other pacific countries at 5%, China at 4%, other countries at 3%, North America at 2% and Japan at 1%.

  Provincial Summary of Indicators

Sanma received the highest number of visitors at 39%, followed by Tafea province at 35%.
Visitors who travelled to outer islands spent an average of 6 days.






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