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 Quarterly Statistical Indicators (QSI) For September (3rd) Quarter 2019


 Cattle Production


The total number of cattle heads slaughtered for September quarter 2019 stood at 2,919. This is an increase of 6% over corresponding period in 2018 and also increased by 23% over the previous quarter.


Number of Visitors

  The total international visitor arrivals to Vanuatu for September quarter 2019 stood at 63,407, reflecting a decline of 16% over the corresponding period in 2018, but recorded an increase of 19% over the previous quarter. The decline of visitor arrivals over corresponding period were attributed by the fall in number of visitor arrivals by sea.

 Visitors by air made up 58% of all international visitors to Vanuatu. This stood at 36,587, indicating an increase of 9% over corresponding quarter in 2018 and also by 29% over June quarter 2019.

 Australian visitors represented 52% of all air visitors in September quarter 2019.

 Countries that recorded an increase over corresponding quarter of 2018 include; China at 33%, Japan at 30%, New Zealand at 12%, Australia at 10%, New Caledonia at 6%, Other pacific countries and other countries at 5% and 1% respectively.

 Holiday visitors accounted for 80% of air visitors; followed by visiting friends and relatives and business, meetings or conferences at 7% each, other purposes at 6% while visitors on transit at less than 1%.

 Day visitors made up 42% of all international visitors to Vanuatu. Total day visitors stood at 26,820 , a fall of 36% over September quarter 2018 but increased by 8% over June quarter 2018. The decline over corresponding quarter was attributed by a drop in cruise ship visits to Vanuatu.

 Consumer Price Index



The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for September quarter 2019 indicated an increase of (+1.2%). Port Vila slightly increased by (+1.2%) and also
Luganville by (+1.2%) compared to the previous quarter . When compared to the September quarter of 2018, the Vanuatu index increased by (+2.9%), Port Vila index increased by (+3.2%) while Luganville index shows a slight increase by (+1.6%).

 At the national level, the expenditure groups that contributed to the increase over the same quarter of last year were: Food (+6.0%), Miscellanous (+2.1%), Transport (+1.5%), Recreation (+1.2%), Household supplies (+1.0%), Communication (+0.8%), Alcoholic drinks (+0.6%) and Education (+0.4%). The increase of these expenditure groups were driven by the increase in price movements of Root crops, Fruits and Vegetables, Toiletries and other personal care products, Automatic Fuel and oil, Sports Membership fees, Packet cigarettes,

 Government Operation

Total Governments Operations


 The total government revenue for September quarter 2019 stood at VT 10,048 million of which 92% is recurrent revenue while 8% were grants received from abroad. Total revenue increased by 37% over corresponding period in 2018 and also by 2% over previous quarter.

Government Revenue: The total government revenue excluding donors in September quarter 2019 stood at VT 9,258 million, this is an increase of 51% over corresponding period in 2018, and also by 27% over previous quarter. The total tax revenue collected for June quarter totalled VT 5,189 million, this increased by 21% over September quarter 2018 and also by 33% over the previous quarter.

Government Expenditure:

The total government expenditure for September quarter 2019 stood at VT 6,994 million. Compensation of employees made up 49% or VT 3,457 million of total government expenditure in September quarter 2019. This is an increase of 13% compared to September quarter in 2018 but fell by 3% over the previous quarter.

Energy Consumption




The total energy consumed (expressed in Kilowatts) for September quarter 2019 stood at 18,273. Thus showing an 18% increase over the corresponding period in 2018, however it decreased by 5% over the previous quarter. The increase was attributed by the rise in electricity consumption for Malekula at 102%, Port Vila at 18% and Luganville at 11%.

The total volume of imported petrol, diesel and kerosene stood at 17,065 litres in September quarter of 2019, showing an increase of 42% over the same quarter of 2018 and 17% over the previous quarter.

Vehicle Registration

Moto Vehicles




The total number of new motor vehicle registrations for Vanuatu stood at 329, which decreased by 24% over the September quarter of 2018. This was attributed by the decline in Truck registrations at (-61%), Buses at (-58%) and Pick-ups (-45%) in Port Vila and Luganville.








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