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 Quarterly Statistical Indicators (QSI) For June Quarter 2017

To All Valuable Statistics Users

The Vanuatu Statistics Office regrets to announce that due to the ongoing work-in progress on upgrading Asycuda++ to Asycuda World system,the merchandise trade statistics indicators is not available for the June quarter until further notice.

Please accept our great apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused you.


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 Cattle Production


The total number of cattle heads slaughtered by abattoirs in June quarter 2017 stood at 2,951 heads, a decrease of 19% over corresponding quarter of 2016 and 5% over the previous quarter.


Number of Visitors by Quarter


Total visitor  arrivals to Vanuatu in June quarter 2017 stood at 67,812, a decrease of (-5%) over corresponding quarter 2016, and (-25%) over the previous quarter. The decreases were reflected in the drop of cruise ship visitors into Vanuatu.

The seasonally adjusted visitor arrivals depicted an decline of day visitors for June quarter 2017, while visitors by air increased.

Visitor arrivals by air made up 38% of all international visitors to Vanuatu with a total of 25,614 visitors in June quarter 2017. It indicated an increase of 22% over same period in 2016 and also 22% over the previous quarter.

Australian visitors accounted for 53% of all visitor arrivals by air in June quarter 2017.

In June quarter 2017, countries that recorded an increase over corresponding quarter of 2016 were; New Caledonia at 63%; Japan at 34%; Australia and China at 29% each; New Zealand and North America at 19% each; Other pacific countries and other countries at 15% each.

 Consumer Price Index

Inflation Rate


The Consumer Price Index (CPI) of June 2017 indicated an increase of (+1.3 %). Port Vila increased by (+1.4%) and Luganville increased slightly by (+1.0%), compared to the previous quarter. When compared to the June quarter of 2016, the Vanuatu index increased by (+3.3%), Port Vila index increased by (+3.8%) and Luganville index slightly increased by (+0.2%).

At national level, the expenditure groups that contributed to the increase over the same quarter of last year were: Food (+7.3%), Transport (+5.7%), Education (+3.2%), Household Supplies (+0.7%), Health and Housing Utilities (+0.2%) respectively and Drinks and Tabaco (+0.1%) .The increases in these expenditure groups were the result of increases in price movements of purchasing of international airline tickets , Fruits and Vegetables, and School Fees While the other groups that shows negative impact were Communication (-3.3%), Miscellaneous (-2.0%), Recreation (-1.8%), Clothing and Footwear(-1.0%).

 Government Operation

Total Government Oberations


The total government revenue in June quarter 2017 totalled VT 5,607.6 million of which 85% is recurrent revenue and 15% of which were grants received from abroad. The total revenue decreased over the same quarter in 2016 and over the previous quarter.

The total government expenditure in June quarter 2017 decreased by (-17%) over the same quarter in 2016.

Government Revenue: Total revenue excluding donors stood at VT 4,783.9 million, it increased by 10.4% over corresponding quarter in 2016, while it decreased by (- 13.9%) over the previous quarter. The total taxes collected stood at VT 3,628.0 million, an increase of 17.2% over March quarter 2016, and a decreased of (- 17.8%) over the previous quarter.

Government Expenditure: The total government expenditure in June quarter 2017 stood at VT 5,382.9 million, a decrease of (- 16.8%) over the same quarter in 2016 while it increased by 1.7% over the previous quarter.

Compensation of employees made up the highest government expense at 48.1% or VT 2,589.0 million in total expenses in June quarter 2017. It showed an increase of 26% over corresponding quarter of 2016 and 30% over the previous quarter.

Energy Consumption



The total energy consumption as expressed in kilowatts for June quarter 2017 stood at 16,789 kilowatts, indicating an increase of 6% over June quarter 2016, while it fell by 10% over the previous quarter. The increase over June quarter 2016 was attributed by the rise of energy consumption in Malekula at 15% ; Tanna at 12%; Port Vila at 6% and Luganville at 4%; while the decrease over the previous quarter also showed a decline in energy consumption in Port Vila at 13%. 

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration


In June quarter 2017, total number of new private motor vehicle registration stood at 413, this is an increase of 23% over same quarter of 2016 and 5% over the previous quarter.