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 Quarterly Statistical Indicators (QSI) For March Quarter 2017

Copra Export

Copra Export in tonnes


In March quarter 2017, the quantity of copra exports went down by 40% or 2,738 tonnes over the March quarter of 2016. Compared to the previous quarter , it also recorded a decrease of 23%.

In value terms, copra exports decreased by 11% or VT 48 million over the March quarter of 2016.

Copra export receipts constituted a 30% share of the total domestic exports in value for March quarter 2017.

Coconut Oil Export

Coconut Oil Export


In March quarter 2017, the quantity of coconut oil exports decreased by 51% or 922 tonnes compared to 1,821 tonnes in the March quarter of 2016.

In Value terms, coconut oil exports stood at VT 90 million in March quarter 2017, showing a decrease of 48% or VT 84 million compared to VT 174 million in the same quarter of the previous year. However it recorded an increase at 2% compared to the previous quarter of 2016.

The average export price of coconut oil increased slightly by 5% in the March quarter 2017, compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

 Cocoa Export

Cocoa Export in tonnes



Cocoa exports in quantity decreased by 68% or 439 tonnes from 646 tonnes in March quarter 2016 to 208 tonnes in March quarter 2017.

In value terms, cocoa exports decreased by 40% compared to the same quarter of 2016. Cocoa exports receipts constituted a 3% share of the total domestic exports value in March quarter 2017.


Beef Export

Beef Exports

Beef exports increased by 32% or 35 tonnes in March quarter 2017 from 109 tonnes in March quarter of 2016.
In value terms, beef exports rose by 41% or VT 23 million over March quarter 2016.

The average beef export price increased by 7% over the March quarter of 2016. 

Beef export value constituted a 7% share of the total domestic export receipts in March quarter 2017.





Quarterly Total visitors



Total visitor arrivals to Vanuatu in March quarter 2017 stood at 90,341, a decrease of (-13%) over corresponding quarter 2016, and (-11%) over the previous quarter. The decreases were reflected in the drop of cruise ship visitors into Vanuatu.

The seasonally adjusted visitor arrivals depicted an increase of day visitors for March quarter 2017, while visitors by air decreased.

Visitor arrivals by air made up 23% of all international visitors to Vanuatu with a total of 20,923 visitors in March quarter 2017. It indicated an increase of 24% over same period in 2016, however fell by (-22%) over the previous quarter.

Australian visitors accounted for 50% of all visitor arrivals by air in March quarter 2017.

In March quarter 2017, countries that recorded an increase over corresponding quarter of 2016 were; New Caledonia at 2,170 visitors; China at 66%; Other Countries at 35%; Other Pacific Countries at 27%; Australia at 25%; and Japan at 11%; while Europe decreased by (-41%); North America by
(-4%) and New Zealand at (-1%).

Holiday visitors made up 74% of visitors by air; visitors who arrived to visit friends and relatives and visitors on business, meetings or conferences at 9% each; visitors on other purposes at 7%; and visitors on transit at 1%.



Consumer Price Index

Inflation Rate

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) of March 2017 indicated a slight increase of 0.7%. Port Vila and Luganville both increased by 0.7% and 0.5% respectively, compared to the previous quarter. When compared to the March quarter of 2016, the Vanuatu index increased by 2.1%, Port Vila index at 2.8% while Luganvillie index decreased by (-1.5%).

At national level, the expenditure groups that contributed to the increase over the same quarter of last year were: Food (+6.3%), Education (+3.2%), and Transport (+2.7%), Household Supplies (+0.4%), Drinks and Tabacco and Health (+0.1%) respectively. The increases in these expenditure groups were the result of increases in price movements of Fruits and Vegetables, School Fees, and purchasing of New Motor Vehicle and airline tickets. While the other groups that shows negative impact were Communication (-4.1%), Clothing and Footwear (-3.4%), Miscellaneous (-2.3%), Housing Utilities (-1.7%), and Recreation (-0.7%).


Government Operations

Total Government Operation


The total government revenue in March quarter 2017 stood at VT 5,984.7 million of which 91% is recurrent revenue and 9% were grants received from abroad. The total revenue increased over the same quarter in 2016 and over the previous quarter.

The total government expenditure in the March quarter 2017 increased by (9.2%) over the corresponding quarter in 2016.