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International Arrival Statistics (IAS) - MARCH 2017



Fig 1

In March 2017, international Visitor's Arrival by Air made up 25% or 6,356 of total visitors to Vanuatu, showing an increase of 53% over March 2016, and 13% over the previous month. The increase was reflected by the rise in the number of visitors arriving for holidays.

In March 2017, 22% or 2 in 9 visitors by air also travelled to outer islands.

Cruise ship or day visitors made up 75% or 19,242 of total international visitors to Vanuatu, showing a decrease of (-28%) over the same month in 2016, while it increased by 3% over the previous month.



 In March 2017, Sanma Province received 40% of visitors arriving by air, followed by Tafea Province at 37%.
 Visitors travelling to outer islands spent an average of 5 days.

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