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DECEMBER 2016 tourism highlights



Fig 1


International visitor's arrivals by air made up 21 % of total visitors to Vanuatu, in December 2016. Visitors by air increase over December 2015 and also increase over previous month.

Visitor arrivals by air stood at 9,749. It increased by 7% over December 2015, it also increased by 30% over the previous month. The increased was reflected by the number of visitors who arrived for holiday.

In December 2016, 16% or 1 in 6 visitors by air also travelled to outer islands.

Cruise ship or day visitors made up 79% of total international visitors to Vanuatu in December 2016. The day visitors stood at 36,951 visitors. It Increased by 17% over same month in previous year and increased by 83% over the previous month.


• In December 2016, Tafea Province received 38% of visitors arriving by air, followed by Sanma Province at 28%.
• Visitors travelling to outer islands spent an average of 6 days.

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